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I've come to the point in my life where I'm prepared to give back. I'm a copy writer, trained salesman, and literary fiend. I thrive off of conversion and evolution. As the Founder of Wealth Changing Hands, I present to the public my writing lab, deemed "The RIGHTING Lab." The VERY first integrated, interactive writing and sales platform. There is nothing like this, and there will never be anything like this, because it is an extension of me, my life, my lessons, my little truths that have allowed me to conquer over and over again.

The primary goal of my writing lab is to help you achieve the same thing. No one told me when I was younger that I needed to create in order to become wealthy. No one told me when I was 21, and I had my first 40,000.00 year, what to do with money.  No one told me that I could become financially free by using my own natural gifts and talents, when applied correctly. Someone did teach me how to sell, and that's why I had my first 40,000.00 year, but I probably wouldn't have even been up for that had I not been on drugs and just looking for anything else to do.

So I'm here to tell you, and hope that you'll tell your children, and they'll tell their children: because if they never have to opportunity to fall in love with someone who is truly wealthy they will never know. I study marketing professionals, real estate gurus, hypnotists, business owners, and wealth builders. I have made major investments in my education, and it's time for you to invest in yours. Wealth Changing Hands believes in putting wealth into the hands of those who have never had it. Wealth CHanging Hands believes that you dont have to work in a building like the one above (if you are viewing this on my website) or own one to be wealthy. Wealth Changing Hands believes in the 4 R's - (W)Riting, Research, Relationships, and Revenue EVERYDAY!

Therefore, I have strategically setup this workshop to ignite your prosperity. The RIGHTING Lab is THIRTY Days Of Pipe-Bustin' PRESSURE!

Properties of the number 30

  • Represent the perfect balance in the cosmic organization.
  • To Cabalistic, this number is associated with the letter "lamed", in form of sickle "to express the maturity of the crop". It corresponds also to the 12th Arcane of the Tarot, the Hanging, which is interpreted generally as the Expiation, the Sacrifice, the Martyrdom.
  • Age to which Jesus began his public ministry. (Lk 3,23)
  • Judas received thirty silver pieces of the great priests and the ancient to deliver Jesus to them. (Mt 27,3)
  • It is at 30 years old that John Baptist began to preach.
  • Ezekiel began to prophesy at 30 years old.
  • David was 30 years old when he began to reign on Israel. (2 S 5,4)
  • The 30 kings that Joshua overcame.
  • Samson had 30 companions. (Jg 14,11)
  • Israelis cried during 30 days the death of Moses. (Dt 34,8)
  • Age to which Joseph left prison to govern Egypt.
  • Height of Noah's Ark in cubits. (Gn 6,15)
  • The sacrifice of the Mass is the most insured means to relieve the defuncts, and especially the Thirtys or the Gregorian Masses. This name comes from saint Gregory who has introduced the use. Himself would have been informed by a revelation of the efficiency of these thirty masses. A day, inflamed for souls of the Purgatory, a very burning charity, he deplored that after his death, he could make nothing any more for them: "My friend, tells him Our Lord, I want to grant in your favor a privilege which will be unique: all soul of the Purgatory that will be offered thirty masses in his honor and without interruption, will be immediately delivered, whatever his debt towards me; and more than that, I will not wait until the masses are celebrated, but I will deliver the soul immediately the offering poured for him." It is not necessary that these thirty masses, tell without interruption, is done by the same priest, neither on the same altar.
  • Saint John Climaque, monk of the Sinai in the 7th century, has described the thirty degrees of the Christian perfection and the union with God.
  • According to the revelations received by Mary Agreda, the Virgin Mary arrived at the the perfect age of 30 years old, ceased aging.
  • Age of Paul during his conversion, marking also the beginning of his apostolic activity.
  • Jesus was 30 years old when died his adoptive father Joseph, according to visions of Ann-Catherine Emmerick. And according to visions of Maria Valtorta, Joseph was 30 years old when he took as marries the Virgin Mary then 12 years old.
  • In the appearances of the Virgin Mary in Lourdes, in 1858, Mary appoints herself in thirty letters, "Che soy era immaculada counceptiou" that, under all reserve, could be translated: "It is in Me that you can conceive the splendor and the perfection of the creation before the sin".
  • In revelations of brother Joseph-Francis, the Virgin Mary asks to the priests of his locality to devote himself to her Immaculate Heart, "but instead of that, they mock gravely of Me. Thousands of titles have been given to Me since 250 years; do they know as little as 30?".
  • The Koran, with these 114 chapters, is divided into 30 parts. During the month of the Ramadan, thedaily reading of these 30 parts is obligatory: a part per day.
  • The 30 transcendent virtues that a buddha has.
  • The ancestors of Romulus had raised 30 towers in central Italy.
  • In India, there are 30 Raghinis, or nymphs of the music.
  • Among Spartans, there were 30 tribes, 30 senators to the advice of the Ancient and 30 "phyles" by tribe. The Spartans had also divided their territory into 30000 plots, of which two thirds were the property of the citizens, and a third that of the cities like communal goods.
  • The 30 curias that there was in Rome.
  • Number being used for measurement of time. A lot of ancient peoples used a month of 30 days, as in the Egyptian month which gave on the whole 360 days per year, plus 5 days for a total of 365 days in the year. Also at Indians, the day of 24 hours has 30 "Mouhourtas", each "Mouhourta" being formed of 30 "Kalas" and each "Kala" of 30 "Cachtas".
  • The ancient Persia dedicated their month to 30 spirits.
  • Saint Epiphane tells that it was of tradition to believe that Lazarus was 30 years old when he was resuscitated and that he lived again 30 years after.
  • In the "Prologue of Zarathroustra", it is written that: "When Zarathroustra was thirty years old, he left his country and the lake of his country, and went in the mountain. There, he profited of his spirit and his solitude and did not weary himself during ten years."
  • The 30 dynasties of Pharaohs, divided into three Empires, that Manethon (priest at the time of the first Ptolemy) elaborated.
  • The famous esoteric tale of the Persian mystical poet Attar tells that 30 birds leave in search of their king, the legendary bird Simorgh, to discover finally that they carried it in them.
  • Age of the Greek philosopher Plato when Socrates died.
  • The distance from the Earth to the Moon is 30 times the terrestrial diameter.
  • Anniversary of marriage: weddings of pearl.
  • The number 30 is used 87 times in the Bible.
  • The number 30 is used twice in the Koran. (Koran VII,137 and XLVI,14)
  • The word empire is used 30 times in the Bible - 27 times in the OT and 3 times in the NT.
( retrieved from here)

My Writing Lab - Here's What You'll Get!

30  audios - geared toward one of the four phases to help you increase your sales EACH DAY and/or give you guidance toward starting and maintaining a business

30 writing exercises - including research material, worksheets, and/or 2-5 paragraph assignments graded by instructor to develop you as an individual and writer

4 conference calls with other industry professionals

4 open discussion boards

I and II *Developmental Stages*

(W)Riting - Phase I Basic Writing (worksheets & 2-5 paragraph assignments)

-parts of speech, grammar, sentence construction, paragraph construction, writing styles, essay construction, titles, using and analyzing references, proposals

Research - Phase II Business Writing

focuses on research of a product before and after you join, (what it offers, what it doesn't offer, what makes it special, potential drawbacks, commission, charge backs, profit structure, company mission, analyzing success and failure rate, targeting your audience, etc.) your competition, your marketing strategy and enhancing it, studying your competitions' marketing strategy, analyzing marketing strategies, choosing a marketing strategy in terms of available tools, budget, and personality, internet business ethics, and the history of copy writing

III and IV *Domination Phases*
(personalized product assessment and coaching, including one blog revision for those who qualified)

Relationships - Phase III Personal Writing

How they affect your business and business model (with self, others, mentor, leads, and team)

My Writing Lab: Focused Training

Direct Sales, Telemarketing , Video Blogging, and Facebook Intros
Revenue - Phase IV
Copy Writing and Accounting
(writing assignments may differ for each participant after Phase III, but audio lessons will not)

personal finance
business finance
wealth creation
choosing a product/launching your vision
wealth building

My Writing Lab: Focused Training

Blogging, Email Marketing, Posting Ads, Social Media Lead Generation, and Viral Syndication
Class Begins Wednesday October 1st - No set time schedule will be required - You will log in for audios, assignments, and tutorials each day

Set conference calls will be scheduled and you will be given notice (most will  be recorded, but attendance is recommended). 

Registration begins TODAY!!!

My writing lab will not wait around for you...
Don't FRET! Andi Uthoughtshewashellthen Brown's "RIGHTING" LAB is coming to you very soon by way of Google Docs or a Secret Group on Facebook. All of the training provided to my training class will NOW be made PUBLIC TO ALL. Skills that have been in the making for the last 10 years have been perfected and have proven DUPLICATIVE with whatever you're pitching. Thirty dollars for thirty days that will propel you leaps and bounds over your competition, and maybe even your sponsor! This "RIGHTING Lab" is sure to transform you as a person, as a writer, and as an entrepreneur. Lessons will include, but are not limited to:

-My version of English Composition 101 (7-10 days)
-Using your story to your advantage
-Internet Business Ethics
-Why you method was a bust!
-Learning How to Spell THESAURUS
-Effective Communication Practices
-Audience Targeting
-The Difference Between a Blog Post and a Sales Letter
-Blatantly Selling Your Product Discreetly
-Making a Friend (Soooooooo not what you think!)
-History of Copywriting
-Check Your Tone
And many more...

The release of this information is something I've been pondering for so long, to deliver it in a way that would give readers (Now this where it got a little tricky. I knew that I didn't want to simply place these procedures on a page, and hope that one would be able to understand and implement quickly. So, I redirected my focus in order to achieve an interactive setting where I could SEE the principles in action, and the progress, thereof. So, I won't say readers.), my participants a real opportunity for trial and error, while I'm within arms' reach. A profitable business opportunity is always one that brings out the very BEST in you. I am successful because my business opportunity brings out the best in me. You may be not great writer like myself, BUT I can teach you how to ignite your energy INTO your writing. That's why this formula has been dubbed, the RIGHTING Lab! 

I look forward to seeing you there...

But keep your eye out for The Official Pre-Release of the RIGHTING Lab. Submit your info on the home page now to pre-register to receive it personally. 

After The Pre-Release I will distribute an excerpt from one of my free gifts to be presented to the first 15 sign ups which will include:

-1 Personal Blog Revision by Yours Truly


Two Downloadable PDF Files that you'll want to store somewhere safe!

-What Your Mentor Should Look Like

-My SURE FIRE list building technique...never been told, it's been seen, but it's never been told! COMPLETELY Original Content you cannot get anywhere else!

Help is on the way!
Every great entrepreneur either knows how to write, hires someone to write, or marries someone who writes.

    Who Am I and Why Do You Owe Me Thirty Dollars

    I've never wanted to stop learning, or making money. I started my career as an Administrative Lead for the sales office of Sylvan Learning Center. I, then, moved onto customer service with focused upselling for Sprint, Wells Fargo, and a number of other composites. The highlights in my career did not flourished until I became involved with direct sales in Kirby Vacuum cleaners and various property management firms. I, now, enjoy my career as a copywriter.

    I have "suffered" from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder since I was a child. I'm obsessed with order, symmetry, and sequence. I easily recognize patterns, have a photogenic memory, and am very linguistically inclined. EVERYTHING is a system to me, which makes my methods     very     easy     to     learn! Ready to hop on...



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