Don't FRET! Andi Uthoughtshewashellthen Brown's "RIGHTING" LAB is coming to you very soon by way of Google Docs or a Secret Group on Facebook. All of the training provided to my training class will NOW be made PUBLIC TO ALL. Skills that have been in the making for the last 10 years have been perfected and have proven DUPLICATIVE with whatever you're pitching. Thirty dollars for thirty days that will propel you leaps and bounds over your competition, and maybe even your sponsor! This "RIGHTING Lab" is sure to transform you as a person, as a writer, and as an entrepreneur. Lessons will include, but are not limited to:

-My version of English Composition 101 (7-10 days)
-Using your story to your advantage
-Internet Business Ethics
-Why you method was a bust!
-Learning How to Spell THESAURUS
-Effective Communication Practices
-Audience Targeting
-The Difference Between a Blog Post and a Sales Letter
-Blatantly Selling Your Product Discreetly
-Making a Friend (Soooooooo not what you think!)
-History of Copywriting
-Check Your Tone
And many more...

The release of this information is something I've been pondering for so long, to deliver it in a way that would give readers (Now this where it got a little tricky. I knew that I didn't want to simply place these procedures on a page, and hope that one would be able to understand and implement quickly. So, I redirected my focus in order to achieve an interactive setting where I could SEE the principles in action, and the progress, thereof. So, I won't say readers.), my participants a real opportunity for trial and error, while I'm within arms' reach. A profitable business opportunity is always one that brings out the very BEST in you. I am successful because my business opportunity brings out the best in me. You may be not great writer like myself, BUT I can teach you how to ignite your energy INTO your writing. That's why this formula has been dubbed, the RIGHTING Lab! 

I look forward to seeing you there...

But keep your eye out for The Official Pre-Release of the RIGHTING Lab. Submit your info on the home page now to pre-register to receive it personally. 

After The Pre-Release I will distribute an excerpt from one of my free gifts to be presented to the first 15 sign ups which will include:

-1 Personal Blog Revision by Yours Truly


Two Downloadable PDF Files that you'll want to store somewhere safe!

-What Your Mentor Should Look Like

-My SURE FIRE list building technique...never been told, it's been seen, but it's never been told! COMPLETELY Original Content you cannot get anywhere else!

Help is on the way!
Every great entrepreneur either knows how to write, hires someone to write, or marries someone who writes.


09/08/2013 11:00pm

I love this site! This has great Blogging Tips.


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    I've never wanted to stop learning, or making money. I started my career as an Administrative Lead for the sales office of Sylvan Learning Center. I, then, moved onto customer service with focused upselling for Sprint, Wells Fargo, and a number of other composites. The highlights in my career did not flourished until I became involved with direct sales in Kirby Vacuum cleaners and various property management firms. I, now, enjoy my career as a copywriter.

    I have "suffered" from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder since I was a child. I'm obsessed with order, symmetry, and sequence. I easily recognize patterns, have a photogenic memory, and am very linguistically inclined. EVERYTHING is a system to me, which makes my methods     very     easy     to     learn! Ready to hop on...



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